Qingdao Miaomiao Pets products Co.Ltd.


 Qingdao Miaomiao pets products co.LTD.is located in the beautiful coastal city - Qingdao.It's one specialized is engaged in the pet cat litter research and development, processing and export enterprises. Company is mainly engaged in all kinds of cat  litters , including crystal cat litter, pine cat litter , bentonite cat litter, and the latest development of plant corn and green bean curd cat litter , etc. Products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Germany, Malta and other southeast Asia markets, favored by the majority of customers and consumers welcome and praise! Our product brands - litter secret MIaomiaoSand has been a steady quality favored by consumers since going public recognition and praise! We sincerely hope that with more domestic and foreign customers to establish good relations of cooperation, common development!

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